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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a reflexology treatment last?

A reflexology treatment lasts approximately an hour, although the first appointment may take slightly longer. A consultation must initially take place in order to check that your medical history does not mean that you cannot receive reflexology.

Can everyone enjoy reflexology?
Contra-indications to reflexology really only include a history of blood clots (DVT, thombosis) but I will also need to know if any recent operations have taken place on the feet, or if you have any pain, bruising or injury in the feet.

What happens during a treatment?
The treatment takes place with just the feet uncovered, I will ask you to lie down on your bed or a comfortable chair or sofa. Firstly I will give a relaxing foot massage to prepare the feet before treatment. Then I will work gently on the soles, sides and tops of the feet and ankles with my fingers and thumbs using specialised techniques to balance, stimulate and/or sedate the reflexes. Finally another short massage session to relax the feet and ankles will conclude the treatment.

Why do you visit clients’ homes rather than having a treatment room?
Over the years I have discovered that home appointments tend to be the most beneficial way of receiving reflexology, let the therapist deal with the traffic and the parking, just put your feet up and relax! Reflexology is an Holistic therapy, it treats the body as a whole, not just focusing on individual symptoms or problems. I feel that in order to benefit from the treatment as much as possible, the client should be able to stay in an environment they are familiar with, and feel relaxed in. I have done salon based work, but for client comfort and benefit I feel that a home visiting practise is preferable.

Do I need to do anything special after a treatment?
It is most important that the person receiving treatment continues to feel calm by resting after the treatment and allowing the stress relieving benefits of reflexology to have their full effect. You should drink plenty of water to help eliminate toxins.

How often should I have reflexology treatment?
If you were to have just one reflexology treatment it would benefit your body a great deal. However, it would benefit you more to have treatments regularly. A weekly treatment would be a fantastic boost to the immune system, circulation etc, but how many of us have the spare time or money to have this done? Not many of us! It is far better to have a regular treatment done at a greater interval, you are far more likely to continue over a longer period of time and you can always fit in an extra session if you feel you need it! I have clients who receive treatments every fortnight, monthly and six weekly, also those who I see perhaps four times a year, but I know I’ll see them. We can discuss your personal requirements, and there will be no pressure from me, just experienced advice.

How much does a reflexology treatment cost?
Treatments within a fifteen mile radius of Dereham, Norfolk are £30 per treatment. This includes traditional reflexology for health, wellbeing & relaxation as well as Fertility, Maternity or Oncology (cancer care) reflexology. Hot stone reflexology is £35 per treatment.

Please contact me for details of costs and availability of treatments in other areas.

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